Domain Uptime Monitoring Tool

AI-powered uptime monitoring that predicts and prevents downtime.
Seamless web experiences, simplified

Instant Alerts

Receive real-time notifications the moment any irregularities or potential issues are detected.

Modular Flexibility

Customize your monitoring experience with modules, allowing for tailored solutions.

Advanced Analytics

Get sophisticated analytics, performance patterns, vulnerabilities, and optimization areas.

Helping websites staying online

Monitoring website uptime is crucial to ensure a consistent and reliable user experience, preventing potential loss of visitors or sales. Downtime can negatively impact a website’s reputation and search engine rankings, making continuous monitoring essential.

Stay Ahead, Stay Online. With

Analytics Dashboard

The Advanced Analytics Dashboard provides a centralized, in-depth view of your domain’s performance, aggregating metrics, trends, and historical data into intuitive visualizations. With real-time insights users can identify patterns, make informed decisions, and get measures to enhance their site’s reliability and speed.

Global Monitoring

Global Monitoring ensures the website’s accessibility and performance from multiple geographic locations around the world. By simulating real user experiences from different regions, CRODOC UPTIME APP offers a comprehensive understanding of global uptime.

Simple pricing plans

Select the right plan for your needs. If you have any questions – contact us.



3 Day Trial / 5 Site Licenses

Enhanced Uptime Monitoring: Check website availability every 10 minutes.

Email Notifications: Alerts sent directly to your email for any downtime detected.

Basic Support: Email support with a 48-hour response time.


$19.99/ mo

1 Month / 5 Site Licenses

Real-time Uptime Monitoring: Checks for website availability every minute.

Email & SMS Notifications: Receive immediate alerts through both email and SMS.

Dedicated Support: Access to a dedicated support team with instant response and periodic check-ins.

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